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Rainy Day Thursday Ruminations

Rainy…gloomy…cold and Yuk!  What is there to smile about.  What is there to motivate me to do more than sit here in my jammies, flitting from project to project.  Nothing satisfies or inspires me to get moving.

Well………………..Let’s see.  Maybe I could count my blessings.  Of course at the top of my list and at the top of yours I’m sure is Family; Husband, Children, Grandchildren, Friends, Health, Security and number one is and should be my Relationship with a loving God who makes it all possible.

But aside from the most important and obvious.  I’m thankful today for the things that make me ME.

Wallpaper books and the ideas beginning to form of how to use them.

   Journals, backgrounds for artwork, handmade envelopes, paperdoll clothes, covering virtually anything that my mind can conjure up.  And perhaps even finishing my wallpaper on my dining room wall.  What a concept.

My job, where I have the chance to meet some of the most awesome folks; from the homeless off the streets to the people behind the scenes responsible for the smooth running of the Cathedral. And if you want to take a peek at my workplace, check it out at for a virtual tour.

My sense of humor which has helped me through many hard, dark and seemingly hopeless times.

Ice Skating.  Not doing it, but having a love for the sport, the skaters, costumes and most especially the music. Skating shows are something I can record and watch over and over again like now, not seeing it but listening to the music and seeing the skaters in my heart while I do other things.

My absolute fulfillment  and passion for creating art.  The many things I’ve learned from the online groups and swaps, but most of all from you my art sisters throughout the art world.

Sooooooooo very much more and with those things I find that I am smiling now and I have a song on my heart and a taste for bread pudding.  Think I will stop with my gratitude list now and give you a Louisiana Bread Puddin recipe for this rainy day.

Stay dry, stay warm, stay happy. May the Good Lord smile on you and yours today and until we meet again, Bon Appetit!  Mollye

Cajun Crockpot Bread Puddin

2 eggs slightly beaten, 2 1/4 cup canned milk, 1 tsp. vanilla, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp salt, 2 cups 1 inch bread cubes (can use honey buns or doughnuts also), 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1/2 cup raisins

In medium bowl, combine eggs with milk, vanilla, cinnamon, salt, bread, sugar, and raisins.  Pour into 1  1/2 qt. baking dish.  Place metal trivet or rack in bottom of crockpot and add 1/2 cup hot water.  Set baking dish on trivet and cover crockpot.  Cook on high for about 2 hours.  Serve warm or cool.  Great with vanilla ice cream or with the whiskey sauce.  Oh mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Say it ain’t so.


Hump Day Trivia

bite-me.jpgFolks didja know that Teeth are the only part of the human body that can’t repair themselves?  Well…………… ya do.  So do yourself a big favor and take care of those choppers.

Keep smilin ’til we meet again.  Mollye 


Go Rest High Upon The Mountain

Miz Aimee Reuther

Miz Aimee Reuther  

My story began about six years ago as therapy for getting through some bad times after losing my husband.  It started off as a simple gluebook and the book took on a life of it’s own as the images became “imaginary” family members and friends and they all had a story to tell.  The storyteller and main character (myself), the matriarch of the “James” clan was from the Tennessee hills and spoke pure hill talk.  The family consisted of Mollyelou James, her husband (now deceased) Reuben and their youngins; Suzilou, Georgielou, Luke, Jakey Gee, and Dixielou (no longer with us).

Inspiration came from the Vince Gill song with similar name and of course some truth mixed with fiction as I call “Truth or Spoof”. 

I’ll be introducing you to some of the colorful and unforgettable  folks who wandered in and out of my life and who continue to wander in and out of my imagination. 

“Take fer instance the ole gal pictured above.  Miz Aimee we called her.  A doozey she were.  Why I git so tickled at thinkin of her and the time she sloshed soapy, lye waters on herself an burnt near bout all the hair off the top of her head.  She commenced to talkin Mr. Reuther (Luther) into lettin her cut a right smart hank of his fine whiskers off an went about a’puttin hit atop her head when she went about in public.  Never mind that Luthers whiskers wuz mostly black.  Miz Aimee were a proud ole gal as you kin tell by a’lookin at them big ole hoop ear bobs she wuz wearin in this photo.  Miz Aimee liked singin an every now an agin would sing at the church meetins.

I’ll go to lookin through my suitcases of photos an tell you’ins a little somethin about ’em when my body ain’t so tired an weary.”

Oh and if you’re wondering how the story ends, check it out at

under “Truth or Spoof”.  “Hits all about the life an love of the Breedloves.”

Happy Trails to you ’til we meet again!  Mollye


Monday’s Puddin and Whoops! Where’s the p.j.’s


Brrrrrr! Mollye needs jammies

Well here I am in my dainties (uh   the head is me anyway)!  I must get to the drawing board and design some fantastic pj’s and while I’m doing that I may design a pair for you too!

All you gotta do to see your couture dainties in cyberspace is to send me a mugshot.  It’s simple, just leave a comment and attach an image of your face and we’re on our way. 
Surely you haven’t forgotten pajama parties.  What fun.

Oh and while you’re thinking about what you might be wearing how about stirring up a bit of bread puddin.  Honey chile, it just don’t get no better.

First of all, I am going to give you a standard bread pudding sauce that you’ll want to keep because whatever recipe you ever use for your pudding, you can always make it better by drizzling a little sauce over it. I’m talking Yummy with a capital Y.

Bread Pudding Sauce

1/2 cup butter

1 1/2 cup powdered sugar

2 egg yolks

1/2 cup bourbon OR you can substitute rum flavoring, or fruit juice for the whiskey and it don’t hurt it one bit.  Now what you do is to cream the butter and sugar over med. heat til all butter is absorbed.  Remove from heat and blend in egg yolks.  Gradually add your bourbon or other flavoring and stir constantly.  Sauce thickens as it cools and can be refrigerated and reheated for a week or so.  Serve warm over a big bowl of lovin from the oven bread puddin.


Simple Simon Bread Puddin

2 cups stale but not dry bread…..1 quart milk…..1/4 tsp. salt…..2 eggs….. 1/2 cup sugar…..1 tsp vanilla

Soak the bread in the milk until it is very soft, then mash it fine.  Heat together til nearly boiling.  Beat the eggs til light and add to them the sugar, salt and vanilla.  When well mixed, stir this into the bread and milk, pour the whole kit and kaboodle into an earthenware baking dish, set in a pan of water, and bake 45 min in slow oven.

Oh sonnnnnnnnn.  Come back and tell me this ain’t the best thing that ever passed your lips.

‘Til next time my friends,  May the Peace of our Lord be with you and yours,  Mollye


Sunday Sumpin Sumpins


 Yes it is Sunday and do you think I could possibly just sit and relax. Nooooooooooooo.  Just not gonna happen.  You may or may not know, but then again how could you possible know that I do a little ( that is VERY LITTLE) tax business from my home and Lori thought I needed my very own attache case.  Tax tote I call it.  But it was plain.  Althought a very pretty plain pink.  But I just don’t do plain.  So out comes the glue stick, a few mags and away I go.  Doing what I love best; tearing and glueing.  Now I plan to embellish it with plenty of bling, a few fibers here and there, a charm or two and of course some trim, then several hundred coats of poly and voila…a unique one of a kind tax preparer brief case.   Did anyone try the breadpudding with a KISS.  I’m telling you it is scrumptious.  I’m getting so hungry just thinking about it.  I may go in and have a fiber bar tricking myself into thinking it is bread pudding and look through my files of bread pudding recipes so I can hit ya with another one tomorrow.  Yall enjoy the rest of your Sunday.  Peace be with you and yours, Mollye


Mardi Gras Madness

Jessica and BuddyOh boy oh boy oh boy……..have I got a good un for you today!  Yep, not only a very good and easy bread pudding but one with a twist from the usual.  But before I go to doing that, let me tell you folks, I drove in here (Shreveport, Louisiana; which is my home and where I reside) today from visiting with my daughter Lori in Hot Springs, Arkansas and got about a half mile from home and thought I was in New Orleans.  Yesiree good ole boys and girls lined up on both sides of the street next to the bayou and tents, cookers, smokers, ice chests and music blaring.  Purple, gold and green as far as the eye can see. Shiny and exciting.  Now it’s barely above freezing and do you think that will stop folks from getting out for the first big Mardi Gras parade?  Nope.  There are no woosies around here during the party season.  Except, whoops!  I got home and the first thing hubby said was, “the kids called and don’t want to go to the parade tonight”.  I said “that’s ok,  we’ll go anyway” at which I heard I mean I literally almost HEARD him pause and said “I told them I didn’t want to get out either as it’s way too cold”.  Sooooooooooooooooooo didja ever hear of watching a Mardi Gras parade happening just around the corner from your house on TV?  I’ll let you know how THAT went!  Hey, it’s all good.  Laissez les bon temps rouller. (let the good times roll) and roll and roll.

Bread Puddin with a Kiss

l lb. loaf of banana bread either homemade or purchased

4 egg yolks, beaten well

2 cups half and half or light cream

1/4 cup sugar

16 milk chocolate kisses

Preheat over to 350 degrees and cut banana bread into 1″ cubes.  Place in ungreased 8×8 baking dish.  Mix beaten eggs, cream and sugar and pour over bread cubes and press lightly.  Bake uncovered 40 to 45 minutes until knife comes out clean from sticking into center.  Immediately cut into 16 squares and place a kiss on each.  Cool 30 minutes before serving and then get out of the way real quick because this un is a sure fire winner!

Peace be with you and yours, Mollye



Hi everybody…….sooooooooo glad you stopped by.  This is my very first post on my brand new blogsite and WOW I am excited to getting started.  But before I do I must do a little “technical” housekeeping here at my new home.

If you like bread pudding like I do then you’ll be crazy happy to know that I will post a brand spankin new recipe each week.  Yep!  That’s how much I love the stuff.

We’ll also do a little couture PJ designing and I will introduce you to my “maginary” playmates.

Razmatazz.. well You may or may not know that one of my passions is creating those addictive ATC cards and you may or not even give a hoot, but in case you love em like I do you’ll surely want to come back for a visit.

Well I need to get busy learnin how to do all this so yall come on back.  Til then, Peace be with you and yours, Mollye