To ALL of you, my sweet blogger friends.  What an inspiration you are to me.  I hope your day is wonderful, peaceful, and full of God’s Blessings.  May it be everything you hope for and more.


Twenty years ago today I said “goodbye” to my Mother and did not see her again until one hour before her death.  November 19, 1988.  Twenty years…….such a long time.  Such fleeting time.  I miss you Mom.  What a difference it would be if we could have that time back.  I pray for the time with you one day where there will be no arguments, no quarrels and no resentments.  Only loving feelings and the chance to say “I’m sorry”.

We sometimes do not get the chance to say “I’m sorry” here on earth.  What a pity we do not realize it before it is too late.

My Mother was just a hoot!  She was so creative and frugal.  She could tell a joke with the best of them and what a keen mind she had.  Trivial persuit, scrabble, and jeopardy were a piece of cake for her.  She passed down many traits to me that I am grateful for today, and she had so many admirable qualities and virtues that went un-noticed and un-appreciated.

But she was above all my Mother and I have to keep reminding myself that as a mother, she held no grudges, she forgave me and she always loved me.  I know this because she was a mother.  She was my Mother.  That is what we as mother’s do.  We forgive.  We overlook.  We love.

Peace and Blessings to you all.  Mollye



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