Happy Anniversary to my Hubby

Four years ago today and it seems as if it has been twenty-five…fifty… while still  as new as one.

All my life and after two marriages; one ending in divorce and the other in death, I  always had the qualities in my mind of what the ideal husband would posess. You have them all.

I had grown comfortable in living alone and was not looking for you. 

 God answered the prayer I did not pray.  It was the same prayer I had prayed for so many years and finally stopped.  He heard me the first time but chose to answer when His time was right.  How thankful I am.

What a beautiful day we had four years ago today overlooking the water on Beaver’s Bend in Oklahoma at sunset.  The flower petals scattered around the rocky path as the torches glowed against the grey of night.  Our close family there to support our vows.  And the amazing 4 tier wedding cake made by a daughter who had rarely even put together a boxed cake mix.  It was a wonderous sight to behold.  Awesome.  A granddaughter  who played her flute before the ceremony and a son who walked me down the path to meet you.  Our initials carved in the tree as only youngsters do. 

We’re come a long way in four years.  We now know what the senior years have to offer. Much of which involves BenGay, Corn Pads and Inhalers.

But at the end of the day and the first thing each morning when our eyes meet and we say “I Love You”, it comes so natural.  From the heart.  The two hearts that beat almost as one.

Happy Anniversary, my precious one.  How I love you.


1 Response to “Happy Anniversary to my Hubby”

  1. 1 Lori Gomez
    May 30, 2008 at 2:33 am

    What a beautiful love story- and I know it all to be so true ! I am so thankful that my momma (that would be you) did find the love of her life ! I am delighted and also greatful for Michael, and I know with all of my heart that there has NEVER been a man who loved more – than he does you ! I hope that you know too that you have ALWAYS been worthy of this kind of love; and have always GIVEN this kind of love,… but there was just only this one man for you – and so glad you found each other !

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