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Yep…that picture you see below has now come to full blown pick me, eat me, can and freeze me, just don’t let me die on the vine.


Each day now small as it is I go out and pick at least a dozen BIG tomatoes turning pink and in a couple of days I’m ready to get my salsa groove on.


The recipe that suits us and one I developed thru trial and error goes as follows:

Wash and cut up your tomatoes, and no need to even skin them.  Placing in a large sauce pan you next add to your own liking chopped white onion, green onions and tops, celery, hot peppers, 1 can Rotel and chopped cilantro.  Add garlic powder, a little salt and Tony’s seasoning.  Cook down stirring occasionally and when completely wilted and cooked, turn the fire off and when cool you can skim all the peels off and put in quart size freezer bags and into your freezer on a cookie sheet until set.  All throughout the fall and winter, I have fresh stewed tomatoes for dips, chilli, stews, spaghetti or anything else I might want to use with.  Easey peasey and friend, it just don’t get any better ‘n that!   Bon appetit, Mollye



Now nobody in the world loves bread puddin more than I, but I want to breakaway from the puddin and share with you the easiest okra and tomatoes in the entire world!  Now for you to get the full benefit of the rich flavors you MUST use home grown produce and even if you don’t grow it in your garden, you will find it in all supermarkets this time of year.  Just don’t use frozen okra, and buy the tomatoes that you know are homegrown.    And I use an iron skillet in cooking everything but am sure it will work in any kind.

I melt a little butter or margerine and add about 1/2 cup chopped onion and when sauteed, I add as much whole uncooked okra as I think we will eat with some leftover (probably a pound or so) and chopped fresh tomatoes (1 large will probably be plenty).  I stir and turn the fire down low and add a little salt and pepper and cover and cook just until the okra is tender.  No need to add water or liquids as the tomatoes provide enough.  Try it, you’ll love it.  Southern cooking at it’s best.