Yep…that picture you see below has now come to full blown pick me, eat me, can and freeze me, just don’t let me die on the vine.


Each day now small as it is I go out and pick at least a dozen BIG tomatoes turning pink and in a couple of days I’m ready to get my salsa groove on.


The recipe that suits us and one I developed thru trial and error goes as follows:

Wash and cut up your tomatoes, and no need to even skin them.  Placing in a large sauce pan you next add to your own liking chopped white onion, green onions and tops, celery, hot peppers, 1 can Rotel and chopped cilantro.  Add garlic powder, a little salt and Tony’s seasoning.  Cook down stirring occasionally and when completely wilted and cooked, turn the fire off and when cool you can skim all the peels off and put in quart size freezer bags and into your freezer on a cookie sheet until set.  All throughout the fall and winter, I have fresh stewed tomatoes for dips, chilli, stews, spaghetti or anything else I might want to use with.  Easey peasey and friend, it just don’t get any better ‘n that!   Bon appetit, Mollye


1 Response to “SALSA BABY…SALSA”

  1. 1 Lori Gomez
    June 25, 2008 at 8:46 am

    Well my oh my.. You know; I am not the best when it comes to this kind of cooking. However; my momma is coming to visit in a few weeks; and this has inspired me to head out to the farmers market when she gets here, and to load up on these fresh veggies. Then she and I can get in my kitchen and prepare a batch of this salsa… because it truly sounds delish ! I have been wondering how to make a homemade version of V8 juice also. I went to Wally world and bought a jewel of a blender. Made a fantastic smoothie for breakfast (I called it the breakfast of hormonally imbalanced champions) it had my soy (for hot flashes) unsweetened pinneaple juice, 10 strawberries and 3 scoops of lime sherbet. It was fantastic. It was so smoothe that it made me think you COULD make a V8 at home – I just don’t know where to start on that one though ! Thanks for the salsa and more recipe.

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