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Hey everybody.  If anyone has clicked on my blog and wondered if I knew that Easter was over, the answer is YES.  However I could not remember my password or how to get back in here to post!   After many days of trying to figure things out and becoming more and more frustrated  decided to swallow my foolish pride and just get another password.  Now how simple is that?

I am pooped and worn to a frazzle today but have good intentions of coming back tomorrow to write something witty.  So yall c’mon back now ya hear?  And if it’s not turning out to be such a good day for you,  there’s still time to make it good for someone else!  Peace, Mollye



Friday’s Fabulous Finds

I stumbled upon a quirky, exciting fresh site that I want to share with you.  If I was

 living another life this is what I would be wearing everyday.  What fun. 

Please visit the ladies of Magnolia Pearl and delight in their adventurous and

 playful, lacy creations.

And another Fabulous Site is where

 you can find the most amazing and wonderful Easter Wreath which I would put

on my head and have a deeeeelightful Easter Bonnet to wear with one of those

frilly, sexy little lacy numbers that Magnolia Pearl features.  LOL  Gina has just

amazing creations on this site and she is a hoot!  Hop on over to see Gina’s

creations and while you’re there be sure to visit Blythe and her pals.

And for the last but not least most Fabulous site of the day…

please take a peek at Kat’s site here at

for the incredible Molly Bunny.  (Yes I am a little biased for my “namesake”)


Tuesday’s Terrific Ten

1.  TERIFFIC person who passed through my life was a man named Robbie. 

He died a few weeks ago at the age of 81.  He lived most of his life on the lake

and was the owner of a marina/lakeside bar.  He was little and wiley.  Many people

 entered his life when they had nowhere else to go; down on their luck and feeling

 hopeless and helpless.  He never turned anyone away and helped as he knew. 

One of his joys was an activity he referred to as “dumpster diving” where he made

daily treks to the huge dumpster with a long pole which he retreived items others

had thrown away to find new use of, to clean up and share with those who had

nothing.  He judged no one.

2.  TERRIFIC book I once read and later re=read was “Paradise Falls” by Don

Robertson in 1966.  The Underwood saga begins in 1865 in a midwest setting

and becomes a lesson of truth, hope, courage and most of all the stamina to

never give up.  One critic described the novel as…”Here, then, to begin, is the Truth of this place:

Listen to the Truth. It abounds. Everyone has his own truth, and every truth is true in

the eyes of its beholder, but all individual truths are simply fragments, and thus the only true Truth (the only true and complete and unswerving truth) is the sum and total of all the right and proper-and incomplete-individual truths. Ah, this place. It is a saint. It is a whore. It is all.”

If you want a good read, one in which you are totally involved and leaving you as having learned some of life’s great lessons, go by the library and check this book out.

3.  TERRIFIC new thing I’m making is the Butterfly Barbie.  Others in the Yahoo art groups have kindly posted their renditions and instructions and I am creating my own using some of the ideas given and experimenting with my own.  What fun I’m having with her.  I will post pictures when she is ready for her “debut”.

4.  TERRIFIC thing to do with the wallpaper sample books and I’ve covered everything that will sit still with them, but the thing I love most are the envelopes.  Simply make a template from whatever size envelope you want to use and trace around.  Using a folder, crease on the lines tightly and with a glue stick form your envie.  All of these will travel through the mail, but if the envie is very busy you may want to “back” your mailing label with a solid paper.  If the wallpaper is any texture other than smooth paper, you will want to use something like Yes paste rather than a glue stick.  No more store bought blah blah envies!

5.  TERRIFIC invention for me these days is the digital recorder or known as T-Vo.  Amazing that I can record my favorite soaps, craft shows, or movies and watch at my leisure. 

6.  TERRIFIC feeling I get each time I take my violin from it’s case and hold it securely beneath my left hand and chin.  I still cannot play it and have yet to have my first lesson, but I can feel the magic in the privacy of my home and can imagine the beautiful music it is capable of producing as I close my eyes and hold it close.

7.  TERRIFIC breakfast for one.  Very quick, low calory, healthy and tasty breakfast I enjoy is to lightly butter a piece of wheat bread and while it is broiling, quick scramble one egg with a tiny bit of chopped tomato in an olive oil coated skillet placing a slice of swiss cheese on it as the fire is turned off.  The toast should be ready now and the “omelet” goes on top and is served with a can of V-8 spicy hot juice.   Quick,   easy,   and ohhhhhhhh so good.

8.  TERRIFIC times I hope to have this spring is for Mike and I to grab our fishing stuff and take the boat to the nearest lake for a day of fishing.  Lazy day of sunning, not talking, or maybe talking and snacking on salty junk food, drinking cold sodas, getting your fingers dirty and sticky from worms and crickets and coming home completely exhausted to a clean shower, clean sheets and tales to one another of the one “that got away”.

9.  TERRIFIC feeling before I go to bed at night is knowing I have spoken to all my chicks and that they are ok.

10.  TERRIFIC feeling when I open my eyes in the morning is that I have a new day in which I can open my eyes.

What a TERRIFIC world in which we live.  What a TERRIFIC  God.  What a TERRIFIC Tuesday this is.

Until we meet again,  Happy Trails to you and yours,  Mollye


Purple Days Ahead

Purple Days AheadYes…….the old woman in purple thing has new meaning for me

 as I approach my retirement date on February 29..  And YES I will wear purple

and think purple and do purple.  Purple is such a zany happy color.  It is a cool

color but it is a feel good color.  I think purple is a very selfless color.  It wants

to spread itself around and it cries out for everyone to be happy and to just BE. 

I think I am on to something.  I think from this day on, every piece of artwork

I do should maybe have a smidgin of purple in it.  Let the games begin.

Wishing all of you happy, peaceful shades of purple tonite. Peace with you

and yours, Mollye


But What Am I Gonna Do With The Rest Of My Life?

Hope For My RetirementReminds ya of an old

Merle Haggard song, huh?  Yeah.that’s right one more week of working outside

the home and Mollyedoozey will hang up her work hat and be on her own time

clock.  Now that’s a concept!  Actually I have soooooooooo many things planned

to do to keep busy and feel as if I’m a contributing member of society rather than

 a lounge taker 🙂  My head is buzzing with thoughts.  Anyone who has

“passed-over” from working girl to retiree is welcome and encouraged

to comment on some of the things you have been doing to ease the

transition.  Ya know, while my ideas and thoughts may sound good

 to me yours may sound even better!

Thank you my friends and Happy Trails and Grins and Giggles on this

 cold rainy Thursday.  God Bless, Mollye


Seven “What-If’s” I Bet You Don’t Know

1.  What If I could meet anyone in the world to chat with:

     I would love to meet Pope Benedict and receive a special blessing and just pray with him.

2.  What If I could travel anywhere in the world:

     I would take a trip to Venice with the love of my life, Michael and we’d have romantic evenings in a gondola being serenaded by an Italian tenor, going to the art galleries, holding hands like young lovers, walking barefoot and wearing a long flowing gown with flowers in my hair.

3.  What If I could have one wish granted to benefit all of mankind:

     I would cure cancer, aids, diabetes, all the addictions and other dread diseases.

4.  What If I could live in a period other than the present for just 24 hours:

     I’d go back to the 1930’s and I’d have a hillbilly mountain man husband and live on top of a mountain and have five beautiful children and be a hard workin, God fearin  tamborine playin woman at church.

5.  What If I had to become an animal for 24 hours:

     I would be a Chimpanzee and ask to live here in Shreveport at Chimp Haven where I’d be free to play, frolic, lounge, eat, get lots of lovin from the other chimps and the people who care for them.  I wouldn’t have a care in the world.

6.  What If I could make-over three areas of my body:

     I’d flatten my tummy like it was when I was 18.  LOL.  I’d plump my lips so I never had to line them again and I’d make my hands smaller and more feminine.

7.  What If I could bring anyone back to life for 24 hours:

     I’d bring my Momma home from Heaven and we’d sit and hug, smile, joke, hug, visit and catch up on the last twenty years. I wouldn’t take my eyes off her for the entire time and then we’d talk about everything we ever had disagreements over and make them right and we’d be sooooo close when the 24 hours was over.


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My Valentine

Our Twilight Wedding

M is for Michael…cause that is his name

Y is for Yes to my life I’m glad he came

V is for the Very many things we share

A is for All the time he is there

L is for the Love in my heart for him I have

E is for the Effort he gives to make me happy

N is for Never giving up on those he meets

T is for the Tireless patience he has each day

I is for Integrity of which all see in him

N is for the Nice things he does and the Nice smile on his face

E is for Eternal.  Our love is here to stay

Michael came into my life when I was least expecting and each day with him is a Valentine Surprise from God.  I’ve known love and I’ve known fun but I’ve never before known fulfillment and peace as now I know with him.  He puts the Zippity in my DooDah!       Happy Valentine’s Day my precious one!