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Colloquial Sayings

1.  Happy as a pig in sunshine; describing a great feeling

2.  Slow as fleas/ticks jumping off a dog; when you’re getting impatient waiting

3.  Talks slow as molasses; same as above

4.  Fine as pure red wine; guy describing a girl, or girl describing guy

5.  Heaven save us miz davis; when feeling exasperated

6.  Git on outta here and tell your story walkin; when you want someone to leave

7.  You can’t be first but you can be next; what is said to a new boyfriend

8.  I turned on him like a bad perm; when you light into someone in anger

9.  I was as low down as an earthworm; describing a state of mind like depression

10. Cold as a widow woman in a brass brassiere; well…it means you’re freezing!

11. So broke I can’t pay attention; you’re flat busted!

12.  Looked at me like I owed him money; someone gave you a hard look.

13. Make you wanna slap your mama; meaning something was really good!